Welcome to the Official Website of Carlos del Pino
Welcome to the Official Website of
Carlos del Pino

To master both musical genres, Jazz and European classical concert music, the outstanding achievements in complex western art music—with its radical differences in philosophy, compositional method, musical terminology, and instrumental technique—is something of a superhuman feat. Yet Carlos del Pino has long ago achieved this distinction, placing him in the peerage of musical aristocrats and Afro-American virtuoso instrumentalists, such as bassists Richard Davis, Ortiz Walton, and Ron Carter; flautist, saxophonist, and master of the piccolo Hubert Laws; trumpet master Wynton Marsalis; and fellow Cuban multi-genre instrumental virtuosi, such as saxophonist and master of the woodwinds Paquito D'Rivera, the gifted trumpeter Auturo Sandoval, and the world's greatest pianist, Chucho Valdés. Collectively they are arguably the greatest musicians on earth!

However, Carlos stands apart and above this earthbound heavenly host. For he has invented an entirely new method that enables him to extend the possibilities of his instrument and render performances hereto unthinkable! Yet, like beautiful flowers that sprout from the cracked pavements of the city streets, great artists continue to flower and grace the rest of us with their beauty, which, on the level that Carlos performs, is a benefaction from the divine. A gift from the Muses that never stops giving to those who are prepared to receive it.

The dazzling display of rare virtuosic genius on display will leave no doubt to the musically tutored audience, that the amazing Carlos del Pino is the kind of uniquely gifted artist that may come along once in a century. So, take a break, chill out, lay back, and witness the sonic alchemist at work.

© 2024 Carlos del Pino. All rights reserved.
© 2024 Carlos del Pino.
All rights reserved.